We didn't want to make the repairs needed to sell our home


My fiance plus I inherited a condo from her Grandma.

  • My buddy and I were going to repair the home plus keep it, however, there were a lot of repairs that were necessary.

The two of us did not have the money to pay for all of the repairs plus we could not keep the home for long due to the fact that it was fancy to keep on the furnace plus the gas, and luckily one of my co-workers advocated a Jacksonville real estate investor that specializes in buying properties for cash. The real estate investor met with my fiance plus I, then she was genuinely kind plus nice plus the two of us explained our situation in detail. My buddy and I didn’t absolutely want to get rid of the property, however, we were prepared to make all of the repairs. The cash buyer communicated with us throughout every step of the process. When she presented us with a cash offer, both of us had to decide whether or not we wanted to get rid of the house. It was a positive experience because the real estate agent was helpful plus kind plus an expert, but doing business with the Jacksonville real estate corporation was simple plus stress-free. I would absolutely recommend a cash-for-dwelling buyer to anyone looking to unload a condo suddenly. I absolutely thought the process would take several months to complete, however, we had a check in our hands in no time. My buddy and I didn’t have to make a single service to the home plus the realtor handled every detail of the transaction with ease plus efficiency.