The Jax real estate market is on fire right now


Every year Floirida gets millions of visitors and tens of thousands of new residents. There are a lot of great reasons to move down south, and the economy in Florida, especially in Jacksonville, is firing on all cylinders. All these new people need places to live, to buy, and to rent, which is where I come in. I have been active in the Jax real estate market for almost a decade, and I must admit it’s the best job I’ve ever had. There is such a wide variety of housing in NE Florida that I believe everyone can find their perfect house here. I don’t just sell real estate, I make dreams come to life. It was only recently that I began to also rent houses as well. Selling property in Jacksonville involves the best payoffs, but with the economy as soft as it has been many people can’t afford the down payment on a house, and have to find a rental property. Many local homebuyers rent a small, cheap place for a few months while they wait for the chance to buy a Jax property. More and more Jacksonville real estate companies are moving into the rental market, just like me. In the world of real estate, especially in NE Florida, a person has to be adaptable, and change with the times. Eventually the economy will turn around, people will have more money again, and I can refocus my effort to sell property in Jacksonville. However, even in a slow economy, the Jacksonville real estate market is still very busy.

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