The best way to sell your home


My fiance plus I spent several years planning to buy the perfect house.

My buddy and I only lived in our perfect home for 2 years before we decided to get a divorce.

When my fiance plus I got a divorce, she wanted to sell the home fast. I did not want to repair all of the issues that were wrong with that home plus I felt that a fair cash offer would be fine. Unluckily, we were not presented with any fair cash offers. The condo had value plus potential plus all of the offers were low. I tried to get my fiance to be adequate. I wanted her to wait until the market was better plus then we could sell the home for a greater profit. She wanted to get rid of the home plus insisted that we contact a Jacksonville task for condo business. My buddy and I tried to sell our dwelling on our own, however we ended up taking cash from a dwelling buyer located in Northeast FL. My fiance plus I split the profits from the sale of the home plus she moved in with her sibling. Her sibling lives near the beach. I always thought that her sibling was one of the reasons why we did not get along after we bought the house. My fiance was never dwelling because our home was 5 miles away from her sibling. She was always down the street plus she was not doing anything to take care of our home. I was toiling taxing plus she was gossiping all day. I suppose we’re both happier being apart.


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