Sold my inherited Indianapolis condo fast for cash due to a taxing family situation


I haven’t lived in Indianapolis for years.

I moved right when I finished college and have lived in another state since.

I didn’t miss that location at all. My father recently passed away and I was forced to come back. I found out in the will that I inherited her home. So I was laying on IN real estate and had no clue what to do. A lot of people recommended renting it out. When a bunch of family members wanted to rent the condo I knew it was going to be trouble. I don’t work with my family. The reason is that it is so simple for someone to take advantage. If I rented to a cousin who decided not to pay, what could I do? Could I undoubtedly evict my cousin? So I decided that I was going to sell my IN real estate fast. A lot of family members then wanted to buy it. I knew all the people would see the listing price and have something to say. Everyone would want a “family deal” and I would get hardly any cash for it. So due to family circumstances, I sold my Indianapolis, IN condo fast for cash. The cash offer was genuinely the highest price I was going to get. It also came with the benefit that nobody from the condo knew what I sold it for. Nobody knew I was going to sell it. The process took days and I didn’t even have to clean out my father’s home. I ran tests on everything during the long weekend. Then a few months later when the family asked what I was going to do about the home, I got to say it was sold already.


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