Selling my termite damage home fast


I bought my first home in Jacksonville, Florida and I let it go to total crap.

I work all the time and am never at my house in fairness.

I also have never owned property before and don’t know what to look for. I had lived in the place for over two years when my father mentioned that I had some termite damage. He pointed on holes in my porch, railings, and doorframes. I thought it was like bees nests or chipped paint. When I got around to it, I could fix it. I let months go by and then my brother started freaking out about the termite damage in my home. He told me that the termites were going to take it over and condemn my property. I need to bomb it. That was way more serious than I expected. When I had professionals out they told me that the level of work to get my home termite free was insane. It was super expensive and I would still need extensive repairs, and pretensions in place to prevent future infestations. I then realized I just wanted out. I didn’t want to live in a termite-damaged home. So I went around looking for a Florida cash home buyer. I found one that was willing to buy my termite damaged home fast for cash. I was level with him. He knew about the damage, the costs, and the future repairs. The guy gave me a pretty good deal to where I was able to purchase a newer, smaller home. I am so glad that there are people willing to make quick deals like this.

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