Selling my home when the market was low turned out to be smarter


I never seem to be at the right time in the housing market. When costs were super low, I was wasting money renting. When the housing market was suddenly super fancy, I purchased. Now that I am looking to sell, it isn’t as flush anymore. I realized I was going to take a loss if I sold through a real estate agent. I knew I would need to do renovations, list it at a low cost, and just deal with it. I decided that doing a money offer might be smarter. With a money offer, yeah they consider the market, even though I don’t have any added fees. The renovations my agent wanted me to do were significant. There was all the aged plumbing in the house. She wanted me to rip out all that piping and replace it with new. I also was supposed to update the electric panel and do a new roof. Can you think of that? Crunch those numbers sometimes. It is downright obscene. With a money offer, I don’t have any money coming out, only coming in. I also save so much time. A condo doesn’t get better with age. It is better to pass it off as hastily as possible. I did not want to pay the taxes, water, electricity, and Heating and A/C for an arena I wasn’t living in either. So factor all that into holding onto an arena and then listing it. I sat by my Florida house buyer that did a money offer. I feel it was the financially smarter decision at the end of the day.


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