Selling my home for cash when my family left Jax


I bought a place in Jax, FL since my whole family lived there.

  • I bought a small house right in the city that was one road from my brother and a short bike ride to my sister.

Everyone was so close and everything was convenient. Well then my brother moved towards the beach and my sister moved further south. So I was the one stuck in Jacksonville by myself. I didn’t like my small house with no yard and close neighbors. I never experienced the perks of the city and enjoyed living there. So once everyone moved I was on the market to sell my home. I decided to unix using a real estate agent. I don’t feel they do very much. All they do is find buyers. Then there is the haggling process, closing costs, renovations, and updates. It just seemed like a headache. I honestly wanted to pack up and go. I didn’t want to linger around finding the right price. I knew I would make a good chunk of change due to my location no matter what I did. That is why I researched Jax real estate buyers that do cash deals. Doing a cash for property deal in Jax is really the way to go. Rather than taking months, it took a day. I could sell off my home and move within the week. I didn’t have to go back and forth with buyers, clean the house, or have any worries. It was such a simple, straightforward process. If I ever need to sell a home again, I will only do property for cash in Jax.

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