Selling a condemned family household for money


Way back in the day my great Grandpa and her sister purchased a piece of household in Jacksonville, FL. Her idea was that the land was going to be a big up and coming area. It was going to sell for millions and the family would be set. There was a family feud over the land that caused the sisters not to speak until their death. The next two generations fought tirelessly over the land and there was even a household built. Now it has come to my generation and nobody wanted it. I am the one that got stuck with that poor household in Jacksonville, FL, you might know it would be a great household due to the location. Well it is genuinely quite small, the ground is poor for the house, and there isn’t a great view. Basically it is falling into the ground. To build it right, there would need to be special building material so the household won’t sink. All of that is before you hire people to unaffix all the weeds, branches, trees, and garbage. The amount of money needed to make the household feasible would be obscene. I didn’t want to own a condemned, ugly house in Jacksonville, FL. I don’t even live there! I started looking around to see if someone would buy my condemned house for money. The money house client market is so much better than real estate agents. They don’t mess around with pricing. Sure it wasn’t a whole lot of money but what I was giving them was so inferior. I knew my parents would be appalled I sold it but I absolutely didn’t want it.
cash for house with tax lien