San Francisco Real Estate Prices are soaring


Thanks to the technology industry, San Francisco real estate prices are soaring.

50 years ago, a two bedroom house in San Francisco was a tenth of the price that it is today.

My wife and I moved to the San Francisco Bay area in 1985. We bought a house a couple of years later. The house in the San Francisco Bay Area was $175,000 when my wife and I purchased the place. Today, thanks to San Francisco real estate prices, the house is worth over a million dollars. My wife and I could not believe how much the new property value our property had gained in a couple of decades. When we decided to retire, I told my wife that we should sell the house and move somewhere less expensive. With San Francisco real estate prices at an all-time high, it seemed like the best time to sell our San Francisco property. I wanted a cash buyer, so the process would be quick and easy. We contacted some cash for house buyers in San Francisco, but they didn’t want to give us anywhere near what the house was worth. We ended up selling the real estate property to a really nice young couple that were looking to move from San diego. We got more than a million dollars for the property and we used that money to buy a recreational vehicle. Now my wife and I are traveling all across the country to look at the other cities and places in the country that we never had a chance to see in the past.

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