Real estate can be confusing


My wife and I flew down to Jacksonville to meet with the realtor.

My wife and I wanted to move our business to Jacksonville, Florida. We looked for a local realtor that was willing to help us find a place for our business. We required at least 20,000 square feet for the commercial property. We looked at several different Jacksonville real estate companies before we made our decision. The company that we chose was very well known in the area. They were great at networking and building relationships. That’s one of the most important things when it comes to a real estate company. You want someone that is going to hear about a property that is going to be on the market before it even hits the listings. My wife and I chose a local Jacksonville realtor that had experience in selling and buying commercial properties. We identified all of the items that were important when searching for properties and then we let the realtor do her job. She came up with a list of 10 properties that were at least 20,000 square feet and it only took her a couple of days. My wife and I flew down to Jacksonville to meet with the realtor. We looked at all of the commercial real estate properties. A couple of those places turned out to be a good deal. We are currently working on a business deal with the owner of a property in Southside that has 30,000 ft and plenty of room for the business to grow. The owner of the property wants a little bit more money than I can offer, but I’m trying to find a price that we can both agree on.

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