My mom told me that she needs to sell property in Jacksonville, FL


My mom told me the other day that she needs me to help her sell some property in Jacksonville, FL.

She has been thinking about selling it for a while but she didn’t really want to sell it to a Jacksonville house investor for some reason.

I think she was just really wanting to sell it to a family or to someone that would really love the house the same way that she has loved it for all of these years. However, cash home buyers in northeast Florida aren’t usually looking for homes to move into so that they can live there forever. Usually cash home buyers in northeast Florida are just looking to make some quick money. If they trade cash for properties, it’s because they want to flip the homes or properties and make cash for those houses or properties. Most of the time, that’s definitely what happens and I told my mom that was probably what would end up happening with her house, too. She said that there is just no way that she wanted to sell her home in Jacksonville, FL without making sure that it was not going to go to someone like that. She said that she would be much more likely to sell to a Jacksonville home buyer that wanted to live in her place. I told her that if that were the case, then she was going to have to do some work on the house beforehand. No one is going to want to buy her house for cash or otherwise if we don’t get it updated a little bit first.


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