Making money off my condo


When my fiance inherited a condo from her late Grandma, we needed to sell it suddenly. My buddy and I didn’t have money to pay for electricity, water, plus gas for two homes. My fiance plus I thought about keeping the house, however it was going to cost about $600 a month just to keep the home going. One of my friends advocated for a real estate investor in Jacksonville that buys properties for cash. The real estate condo was located in Fleming Island, just south of Orange park. The Jacksonville real estate agent came out to look at the property. The man was genuinely kind plus expertiseable. She listened intently as my fiance explained our situation plus the reason why it was urgent for us to make the sale. The Jacksonville real estate agent was genuinely professional. She looked at the market value plus the condition of the property, then both of us were relieved to find out that we didn’t have to update the roof in order to qualify for a cash offer on the house. The cash dwelling buyer did not give us an offer on the day that she looked at the property. She waited a couple of mornings plus sent an SMS with the cash offer for the property. My fiance and I were sad to see that it was much lower than we anticipated, however we had to get rid of the condo suddenly plus a cash offer was the best way to go. I know my fiance was sad to see the place go, however we could not keep both houses just for nostalgic value.



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