I would only buy or sell for cash in Indianapolis, IN


Everyone can get what they need when they want it

I have dabbled in the Indianapolis, IN real estate market for quite some time. I have always been really defeated when looking. I have found that buying Indianapolis homes is a huge pain. Selling an Indianapolis, IN property isn’t easy either. The main issue I found is the real estate agent. The agent takes a significant percent of the cut without doing any work. They never know anything about the operoty. They also don’t look for buyers or deal with sellers well. They also jack up the price until both parties are getting annoyed. I have found that cutting the real estate agent is the smartest move for me. Now when I sell my Indianapolis, IN property, I do it through cash. Cash offers for Indianapolis, IN real estate goes so much faster. With a cash home sale, you can get everything squared away in a few days rather than months. You don’t need to make repairs, stage, or worry about closing costs. What is best is that you cut out the real estate agent messing things up and paying their fee. I like the sale being between the two who really care about it. I specifically handle only Indianapolis, IN cash home sales now. For buying and selling, cash offers are the best. Everyone can get what they need when they want it. Sure, you might be able to get a higher price if you do the market way. But when you consider money invested and time wasted, I don’t really think the extra money is worth it.

Sell my multi family home fast for cash