I looked for real estate on the west side


The westside of Jacksonville is very diverse with lots of neighborhoods and small communities.

The west side of Jacksonville sits next to the St Johns river.

The region contains many different residential homes and commercial businesses. It is a very appealing choice for professionals, families, and staples. There are lots of different housing options in the west side of Jacksonville that can suit many needs and budgets. There are apartments, townhouses, condos, and homes located all over the west side of Jacksonville. Residents enjoy dining,and shopping, parks, libraries, and other recreational activities. There is lots of potential and room for growth on the westside of Jacksonville. It’s one of the reasons why I decided to look for real estate on that side of the city. I spoke with a real estate agent and she found a couple of properties for me to view. Last Saturday, I went with a real estate agent to the westside so I could look at the Jacksonville properties. One was a three bedroom condo that was a little overpriced. It was walking distance to the shopping center and my favorite bar and grill. Another property was a two-bedroom townhome that was a little small. The kitchen and the bathroom were around the same size and equally depressing in color. The third property was actually filled with potential. The buyer wanted to sell the house fast for cash and I was financially capable of making a cash offer that was reasonable. I talked with the homeowner directly after that, because no realtor was necessary to sell the house for cash.

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