Happy to sell my house for cash


Selling a home by way of the traditional process typically takes from six to nine months. The requirements are complicated and can’t be rushed. Completing the various steps in a timely manner to ensure a successful outcome is often stressful. There are financing issues to consider, insurance issues, home inspections and all sorts of paperwork. I was unwilling to go through a lengthy and excruciating ordeal. When I sold my house in Jacksonville, the procedure was quick, simple and rewarding. Accepting a cash offer sped up the closing process. There was no worry over mortgage applications, no essential repairs and no handing over money to a realtor. The steps between signing contracts and transferring the title were expedited. There were no demands due to financing and no questions over the condition of the home. I was able to avoid opening up my home to potential buyers. I never staged an open house or considered investing into a new roof, updated wiring, new HVAC or adding safety features that would never benefit me. The company bought my house “as is.” I had the opportunity to choose the closing date, and the whole sale was completed in under ten days. I paid no fees or realtor commissions. I saved both time and money and had no worries over mortgage rates. Receiving a lump sum of cash for my home allowed me to find a better housing situation. I walked away from the demands of a large property and moved into a smaller condo. I am much happier with my current situation.

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