Emergency necessitates quick sale of home


I expected an extremely low figure and was pleasantly surprised

When my daughter was involved in a car accident, she was lucky to be alive. She was faced with multiple surgeries, a lengthy hospital stay and extensive physical rehabilitation. Her husband’s job requires him to be away from home for months at a time. They have three small children under the age of seven and need help. They asked me to come live with them, and I needed to make the move as quickly as possible. I didn’t have the time or energy to deal with all the complications of selling my house. I was extremely worried about my daughter and anxious to step in and take care of the kids. Dealing with a realtor, staging an open-house and handling the results of a home inspection was beyond what I was willing to do. I simply wanted to pack up, leave Jacksonville and head to Portland. I knew that working out financing and finalizing a closing takes a lot of time and effort. A friend of mine suggested selling my home for cash. I had always assumed that this was strictly for people who are faced with a foreclosure or dilapidated house. My friend assured me that homebuyers for cash are legitimate and offer reasonable offers. I looked into it and discovered that this type of homebuyer facilitates the process for a closing within ten days. I found a company that purchases properties “as is” anywhere in the Jacksonville, Florida area. I filled out an online form and had a cash offer emailed to me within an hour. I expected an extremely low figure and was pleasantly surprised. When I considered that I would receive cash without giving up closing costs and realtor fees, the offer was definitely acceptable.

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