Do you know how big Jacksonville is?


Jacksonville is more than just a city, it’s an entire section of north Florida.

In terms of size and scope, it’s the biggest city in the nation, because the city limits go far outside the edge of town.

Jax is as big as Duval County, so no matter how many people move here there is always room for more. I would say that there is at least twenty more years of development in store before this city reaches its full potential. For anyone keeping score, that means the Jacksonville real estate market is going to be strong for a long time to come. In certain sections of Jax property values have hit an all-time high, and yet I still believe they will climb higher. Have you seen the signs all around town that say We Buy Houses or Cash For Homes? Those are not mine, those belong to a new wave of Jax real estate entrepreneurs who are looking to take over the market in an organic way. This kind of lowball-offer real estate company pays cash for houses to sellers in need, allowing them to pay far below the market value. It sounds shady, but it’s all totally legal. Slowly these companies are buying up tons of real estate all around NE Florida, and converting them into rental units. This makes my job as a Jacksonville real estate agent a little more difficult. I am selling fewer houses, because desperate homeowners don’t want to wait a few weeks for their money when they can get same-day cash for houses.



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