Collapsed roof is reason to sell


I was barely managing the expense and labor of household repairs and maintenance when a portion of the roof collapsed.

Like every other aspect of the house, the roof was extremely old and in poor condition.

However, there were no signs of leakage or water damage. I hadn’t realized the structure had rotted. Living in Jacksonville, moisture is a problem. I was already attempting to repair wooden floors, window sills and doors that had warped due to excessive humidity. I was able to afford the house because it required such extensive renovation. I stupidly thought I would handle the work myself. I envisioned taking on one project at a time and making it perfect. Instead, I was overwhelmed with clogged plumbing pipes, electrical wires that failed to meet code, holes in the ductwork and an ancient air conditioner. All of the windows needed to be replaced, very few of the power outlets worked and all of the appliances were beyond their prime. Living in the house was a nightmare. Everyday activities such as showering, washing clothes, cooking and keeping cool were a struggle. When the roof caved in, that was the end. I wanted to get out of that house as quickly as possible. I was unwilling to invest one more penny into improvements. I expected to have difficulties selling the property. There was no possibility of a bank financing a mortgage for a potential buyer. I couldn’t even get insurance on the house. The solution was a company that buys homes in any condition for cash. They will make an offer on any residence in the Jacksonville area and promise a closing within ten days.
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