A stress-free process for selling a home


The mortgage rates and real estate market can be a problem when selling a house in poor condition.

There is the risk of paying more in marketing, realtor and closing fees than the property is worth. For a home in need of a great deal of updates and repairs, the investment of money, time and labor adds up quickly. There are also the exterior upkeep, taxes and all sorts of ongoing expenses that add up when owning a property. To reach potential buyers, there is the hassle of working with a realtor, taking advantageous photos of the property and setting up an open house. If a buyer requests an appraisal or a home inspection reveals hidden concerns, there are more expenses and complications to deal with. In the Jacksonville area, there are cash homebuyers who are willing to purchase the property “as is.” There is no hassle and no delays. The completion of the sale is swift and simple. There is no list of tasks, improvements or safety hazards that need to be handled before closing. There are no escrow inspections or worry over financing. Every step happens in a quick and organized fashion. It’s the perfect opportunity to unload an unwanted or dilapidated property. There is no haggling with potential buyers. The convenience is amazing. All it takes is filling out an online form to get started. The company comes back with a cash offer in under an hour. There is no obligation, no pressure and no rush. Once the offer is accepted, the closing can happen within ten days.

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