A great house in Jax without an HOA


What is your opinion on having an HOA, or Homeowners Association? Most upper class neighborhoods have them, and all of the exclusive, gated communities have very strict rules laid down by the HOA.

I have been looking for a new house in Jacksonville, but it seems that all the best places come with an HOA, and I refuse to live someplace like that.

A Homeowner’s Association is just another level of government, another group of politicians who will tell me what I can and can’t do with my own house. I gave up trying to find my own place, and reached out to one of the local Jacksonville real estate companies for help. I was open to a lot of different types of homes, but I refused to live somewhere with an HOA. With some expert guidance from a Jax real estate agent named Kenny I was able to discover a lot of great homes in the area I never would have found on my own. Jacksonville is a massive area, and there is a vast array of real estate available. There are big mansions for sale in Jax, but there are also tiny homes and remote cabins in the woods. If you want to live on the shore, there are a lot of great options in NE Florida. For big budgets and small ones, there is something in the Jax real estate market for everyone, even me! After a few days of touring various pieces of NE Florida real estate, I think I found my dream house, with no HOA! Wish me luck.


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